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(this picture is of a single rose that comes from one of Mom's rose bushes still thriving today 1-7-2015)

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This site is a Tribute to Sheila A. Johnson, our Mom, your Relative or Friend. Unlike "Guest Books" or other means of remembering a person, this website will be updated to include as much of Mom as we can provide (e.g., pictures with family and friends; her travels; mention of special people who have been in her life; and most importantly, showing her as the happy, giving and true lady that we all knew her to be). So we suggest, if you don't see yourself right off, keep a look out, you'll likely be shown soon. Thank you all for being a part of our Mom's life. The Children of Sheila A. Johnson

UPDATE: Feb. 15, 2021

Our family is aging so this "Memory Lane" page will also be used to include some of those who have passed since Mom's passing, so if you have a picture of Beth, Romeo, Walter or Michael that you'd like included here, just send it to and it'll be included.



Gaylord Williams

In 1995, after many years alone, Sheila met Gaylord Albert Williams, who would become her dear companion until his passing July 8, 2001. What could one say about Mr. Gaylord Albert Williams—the consummate gentleman—who treated her like a queen? They enjoyed life together, travel, shows and each other’s company—Sheila adored Gaylord and his passing broke her heart. Sadly, this tremendous loss was one from which she never recovered. Gaylord succumbed to cancer as well, and did his all till the end to shield her from its ugliness.

Wanda Mundy
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Wanda...a dear longtime friend and neighbor of Mom's for years. She was always there...young enough to be Mom's daughter, yet they maintained a special bond that made age a non-issue. Her poem is named "My Sheila."
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Mom's 80th Birthday Party

Danielle, Kali, Marilyn, Nicole, Katrice,
Gina, Mom, Renee

Mom and Annie

Mom's dear friend for over 30 years...Annie was always there and even called Mom when she would visit her homeland in Austria each year. Annie remains a true treasure to us all.

Dorothy "Dot" David

Dot, Dave & Mom...what great times they enjoyed.

Dot and Mom

Buddies till the very end...but why did it have to end so soon.

Danielle, Mom & Gina

"how are you? fine i hope!" that is how she always began her letters to me. i miss that.
i miss being able to call and say, "hello grandmother!" just to hear her reply, "hello granddaughter!"
i can still see her digging in her purse and pulling something for me. whether it was a little piece of candy or a pretty pair of earrings that she wanted me to have, she always had "a little some-ting!"
i can still hear her voice, her laugh, her accent. i liked how she always told me to go use the "ba-troom" before we left the house to go somewhere, and how she would call to me, "come here child!" in her sweet way.
i can still smell her. the distinct smell of her perfume comforted me while i sat quietly next to her in church.
i can still smell the chicken curry, the grilled cheese sandwiches, the chicken and rice. when visiting her, her first question was always "are you hungry?"
i can still feel her soft, delicate hand holding mine while we cross the street.
i can't forget the tight hug she would give me when i was about to leave to go back home that lasted until i got there. she could squeeze me until i turned blue and i wouldn't mind it.

i can still remember:

-the nights we stayed up late watching movies or deal or no deal
-the brooches she put on her shirt when we were getting ready for church
-the dancing and singing anytime, anywhere just because we felt like it
-Ferrero Rocher
-her "Sheila and Annie" stories
-Hallmark cards for every occasion
-laughing at silly little things that just "tickled us"
-saying nighttime prayers together on our knees at the edge of her bed
-waking each other up at night just to say, "turn over and stop snoring"
-how she would send you x's in the card and wait until you got to her to give you the o's
-her elegance and grace
-the way she would make one of her slips fit me even if it was way too big
-her cheerful attitude and smile
- her love of dogs, children, and anything lovely

and everything else about her from her curly hair to her painted toenails. i wish i could tell you this to your face, but since i can't, i'll send the message from my heart to yours:

I love you more!

Love always,

p.s. i'll give you all the o's you want when we finally meet again. we'll live on together in bliss someday.

Mom and Kay sharing a Mother's Day

Tashia, Katrice, Mom Elaine & Nicole

Mom's older sister Elaine with granddaughter (Tashia) and Mom's two granddaughters Katrice & Nicole.

Marvin, Staffy, Monty & Walter

Two oldest sons with Mom's two nephews

Laraine & Romeo

Mom's Niece & Nephew

Mom in Paris

Me & Mom At David's Law School Graduation Dec. 1999

Marvin, Jon-Ryan, Mom & Mark

Special times...

Mark, Renee, Marvin & Gina

Marvin's birthday dinner...2009

Walter & Marvin

Circa 1953

Remembering Michael G. Fernandes...son, husband, father, brother, cousin, uncle and friend.

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Circa 1965-68? Laraine, Staffy, Beth & Michael (standing); Romeo, Mama & Walter (sitting)
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Michael at Maria's wedding in 1993.

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Marvin P. Johnson Sr. circa 1980 in Florida.

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Marvin Jr. and Anthony at home in 2022.

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Anthony and Marilyn in 2022 at home in Tampa.

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Monty and Marvin at MomElaine's funeral.

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